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Welcome to the Vinyl Records Collectors Guide, a web-site dedicated to all Music Fans and especially to all music released on vinyl. Here you will find detailed information on any record released on vinyl, including collector‘s information for each vinyl album.

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Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title

Metal Blade Records ‎– 3984-14033-1

Price 34.95€

SLAYER - Live Undead / Haunting the Chapel Ltd Ed Blue Vinyl

Limited Edition 180g Heavy Weight of 500 copies worldwide, pressed on Blue Semi-Transparent vinyl This is copy 027 of 500

2008 Germany

Vertigo METAL 212 & 870 614

Price 29.95€

This album is now in stockMetalLica - Harvester of Sorrow 12" Maxi-Single 1988 USA

EMI - 12 EMI P5378

Price 24.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Flight of Icarus 12" Picture Disc 1983 UK

EMI 1A 062-07450

Price 27.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Killers Netherlands

"Killers" is the second album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 2 February 1981 in the UK, and 6 June 1981 in the US. The album was their first with guitarist Adrian Smith and their last with vocalist Paul Di'Anno, who was sacked after problems with his stage performance arose due to his alcohol and cocaine use. This was also the first Iron Maiden album made with veteran producer Martin Birch, who went on to produce their next eight albums before retiring after "Fear of the Dark" in 1992. The song "Wrathchild" is the only regularly played track from the album, appearing in almost all their concert tours.

1981 Netherlands

EMI KZ 052Z-07390

Price 37.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Sanctuary 12" EP

Sanctuary is a rare record is a 12" EP with 2 Studio tracks and 2 Live Tracks by IRON MAIDEN.


EMI 1C K 062-07 534

Price 14.95€

album has been recently added to the catalogueIRON MAIDEN- Maiden Japan

"Maiden Japan", also known as Heavy Metal Army, is a live EP by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The title is a pun of Deep Purple's live album "Made in Japan". There are at least two different versions of this EP; all tracks were recorded in Kosei Nenkin Hall in Nagoya on 23 May 1981. It was lead singer Paul Di'Anno's final recording with the band, and features a maximum of 5 tracks. The original Japanese pressing features only 4 tracks and the record speed is 45RPM. It was never the band's intention to release this album, but Toshiba-EMI wanted a live album.


EMI ‎– 1C K 052-07 638 Z, EMI Electrola ‎– 1C K 052-07 638 Z

Price 24.95€

IRON MAIDEN - The Number of the Beast 12" Maxi

This is the Super Sound version of "The Number of the Beast" and "Remember Tomorrow"

1982 Europe

EMI – 1A 062-07269, EMI – EMC 3330

Price 24.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Iron Maiden (Self-Titled) Holland

This version of the album was made in Holland and marketed in the Netherlands only.

This version has illustrations on the record's label. Later versions have a two color EMI logo.

1980 Holland

EMI 1A 064-07724

Price 17.95€

album has been recently added to the catalogueIRON MAIDEN - Piece of Mind Gatefold

"Piece of Mind" is the fourth studio album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. It was originally released in 1983 on EMI, and on Capitol in the US; It was the first album to feature drummer Nicko McBrain, who had recently left the Paris-based band Trust and has been Iron Maiden's drummer ever since.

1983 Holland / EEC

EMI 1C 064-24-0200

Price 49.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Powerslave

This is the "Printed in Germany" verion of Iron Maiden's Powerslave LP album

1984 Printed in Germany for distrubution in Europe

EMI 1C 2LP 162 24 0426 3

Price 19.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU)

"Live After Death" is a live album by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 14 October 1985 on EMI in Europe and its sister label Capitol Records in the US. It was recorded during the band's World Slavery Tour. The album was instrumental in establishing the band as an extraordinary live band and is regarded as one of the best live albums ever recorded.

Collector's Info: In Europe two different versionsof "Live After Death" with the SAME catalog nr have been released. These two versions can be distinguished from each other by the position of the "Rights Society" text on the record's label. In this version of the album. The Rights Society Gema/Stemra is printed at the bottom of label (above 6 o'clock)

1985 Europe (Actually Germany and Netherlands)

Earth Shaker Records ES 4005 / Mausoleum Records SKULL 8341

Price 21.95€


STEELTOWER - Night of the Dog

This album "STEELTOWER - Night of the Dog" is the first and only full-length album released by this Germany Heavy Meta band

1984 Belgium

Caroline CARLP 3

Price 34.95€

WHITE ZOMBIE - Make Them Die Slowly MINT/NM

"Make Them Die Slowly"
In this 2nd album of "White Zombie", the band moves away from "Noise Rock" towards "Heavy Metal"

It is the first album by "White Zombie" citing Rob Zombie.

This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with photos and lyrics of all songs.

1989 Germany

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8374

Price 34.95€

OSTROGOTH - Too Hot Mausoleum Skull 1985 Belgium

Steamhammer SH 0020

Price 29.95€

DESTRUCTION - Sentence of Death Blue/White Label 1984 Germany

Mausoleum Records – FIST 8337 , FIRST 8337

Price 24.95€

DARK WIZARD - Devil's Victim

"DARK WIZARD" is a Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands (Holland), this EP "Devil's Victim" is their first officially released recording

1984 Belgium

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8386

Price 29.95€

DARK WIZARD - Reign of Evil

"DARK WIZARD" is a Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands (Holland), this album "Reign of Evil" is their only and final (last) full-length album.

1985 Belgium

Mausoleum SKULL 8387

Price 59.95€

SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records)

This album "SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records)" is the only album released by this Belgian Heavy Metal band.

1985 Belgium

Century Media Records

Price 15.95€

MORGOTH - The Eternall Fall

This album "MORGOTH - The Eternall Fall" was recorded in 1990 and the last album with Grewe on Vocals, Bass

2015 Germany

Century Media Records

Price 15.95€

MORGOTH - Resurrection Absurd

This album "MORGOTH - Resurrection Absurd" is the 2nd Demo recording by this band

2015 Germany

Noise International – N 0051

Price 14.95€

FAITHFUL BREATH - Live (incl OIS) 1988 Germany

High Roller Records – HRR 355

Price 17.45€

HOLOCAUST - Live (Hot Curry & Wine) + 7" EP 2014 Germany

High Roller Records – HRR 441

Price 9.95€

EVO/ALGY - Damned Unto Death

Evo (ex-Warfare) and Algy Ward (ex-Tank, ex-Damned, ex-The Saints) join their punk metal forces into this album

21 July 2015 2015

High Roller Records – HRR 403

Price 17.95€

DARKNESS - Thrash Till Death 2LP Ltd Ed 2015 Germany

Deaf Records – DEAF 02

Price 28.95€

PROPHECY OF DOOM - Acknowledge The Confusion Master Deaf Records 1990 UK

RAVE ON Records RMLP-010

Price 39.95€


EVIL - Evil's Message

EVIL is a Danish Heavy Metal band founded in 1982. This album "EVIL - Evil's Message" is their first official album

1984 Holland

Roadrunner Records RR 9508 1

Price 34.95€

CRIMSON GLORY - Transcedence 1988 Europe

New Renaissance Records – NR-01

Price 34.95€

VA Various Artists - Metal Madness Volume One (Red Transparent Vinyl) 1985 USA

RoadRunner Records RR 9655

Price 29.95€

CRIMSON GLORY - Crimson Glory (Self-Titled) 1986 Europe

Discos Toro Salvaje TMOQ51

Price 27.95€

MEGADETH - Death in the Fire 180g White Label Transparent Vinyl

Limited Edition of 200 copies This album "MEGADETH - Death in the Fire 180g White Label Transparent Vinyl" is an unofficial released recording of Megadeth Live in Holland at the Ijsselhallen, Zwolle and in London.


2013 Spain

Goatgrind Records GGR008

Price 37.95€

TENTACLES - Self-Titled (Switzerland) 2010 Switzerland

Black Sleeves – Black_115LP

Price 47.95€

HYPOCRISY - The Fourth Dimension 2LP 2009 Europe

Nuclear Blast – NB 3006-1, Nuclear Blast – 27361 30061

Price 14.95€

HYPOCRISY - End of Disclosure incl 7" Single 22 March 2013 Germany

Price 9.95€

WARFUCK - Neantification (Clear Vinyl) 2013 Europe

Tell Tales TTS 1002

Price 13.95€

ANTHRAX - Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc Shape 1988 UK

Cult Legend Recordings CLR 056

Price 26.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Beast in the Garden (incl OBI) 2016 Europe

Cult Legend Recordings CLR 016

Price 23.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Take Your Mummy On The Road Vol. II 2015 Europe

Cult Legend Recordings ‎– CLR 019

Price 27.95€

IRON MAIDEN - Return Of The Beast Vol. 1 (Green Vinyl) 2015 Europe

Century Media 9985811

Price 21.95€

KRISIUN - Forged in Fury 2015 Germany

Century Media 9977861

Price 14.95€

KRISIUN - Southern Storm 2008 Germany

Epic – 501770 1

Price 32.95€

KORN - Untouchables 2LP 2002 USA

Metal Blade Records – 3984-15333-1

Price 22.95€

ENTRAILS - Resurrected from the Grave

Limited to 300 copies on Tombstone Grey Vinyl.


Soulseller Records – SSR 072

Price 17.95€

ENTRAPMENT - Lamentations Of The Flesh Gatefold Cover

ENTRAPMENT is a Dutch (Netherlands) Death Metal band from the city of Groningen. "Lamentations of the Flesh" is their 2nd Full Length album.


Roadrunner RR 9622
King Diamond - Abigail

Prrice 37.95€


Abigail is the second album of King Diamond and is the band's first album to be centred on a story told throughout each of the songs. It was released in 1987 on Roadrunner Records. 

1987 Holland

SN 1002

Price 27.95€

album has been recently added to the catalogueMERCYFUL FATE From the Depths of Hell Red Vinyl

Limited to 500 copies reissue on red vinyl. Classic and ultra hard to find semi official Mercyful Fate fan club recordings. Originally released for a short period in the mid 1980s. Has the same catalog numbers.


Music For Nations MFN 66

Price 17.95€

AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force UK 1986 UK

Carrere ATV Northern Productions 67907

Price 16.95€

CHURCH The Blurred Crusade

"The Blurred Crusade" is the second album by Australian group The Church which was released in March 1982 by EMI / Parlophone. It shows a change of direction from the new-wave leanings of the band's debut. The album peaked at No. 10 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart and "Almost with You" reached No. 21 on the related Singles Chart.

1982 France

Chapa Discos HS-35062

Price 29.95€

BARON ROJO - Metalmorfosis incl 7" Limited Edition

This album also includes the 7" Single with songs not available on the LP. This release was limited to 20000 copies

1983 Spain

Noise International N 0118-4

Price 14.95€

Kreator - Out of the Dark Into the Light 1988  

Under One Flag FLAG 5 / Combat

Price 26.50€


"Game Over" is the debut album by thrash metal band Nuclear Assault, released in 1986.



Original UK vinyl pressing

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