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Tara is the fourth album by black/thrash metal band Absu. It was released on May 23rd, 2001 by Osmose Productions.  

Music Genre:  Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Album Production information: The album: "ABSU - Tara (CD)" was produced by: Kol Marshall & Absu
Record Label:  Osmose Productions

Band Members and Musicians on: ABSU - Tara (CD)

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Sir Proscriptor McGovern - Voices, Drums, Percussion and Analog Synthesizers
  • Shaftiel - Electric Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars and Voice
  • Equitant Ifernain - Electric Bass Guitar

Track Listing of: "ABSU - Tara (CD)"

The Songs/tracks on "ABSU - Tara (CD)" are

  1. "Tara" (Shannon)
  2. "Pillars of Mercy"
  3. "A Shield With an Iron Face"
  4. "Manannán"
  5. "The Cognate House of Courtly Witches Lies West of County Meath"
  6. "She Cries the Quiet Lake"
  7. "Yrp Lluyddawe"
  8. "From Ancient Times (Starless Skies Burn to Ash)"
  9. "Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)"
  10. "Vorago (Spell 182)"
  11. "Bron (Of the Waves)"
  12. "Stone of Destiny (... For Magh Slecht and Ard Righ)"
  13. "Tara (Recapitulation)" (Shannon)
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