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ALICE COOPER Complete Discography

This web-page has detailed descriptions and background information on ALICE COOPER and the complete discography of this band



The complete album and record discography of ALICE COOPER

Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title

Warner Bros Records WB K 56 013 (56013)

ALICE COOPER - Billion Dollars Babies 1973  
MCA Records 254 253
Alice Cooper - Constrictor
ALICE COOPER - Constrictor 1986 USA
Warner Bros (WB) Records 92-3969


"DaDa" is a concept album by ALICE COOPER, released in 1983. DaDa would be Cooper's last album until his sober re-emergence in 1986 with the album Constrictor. The album is quite ambiguous, and for that reason alone, many have their own unique interpretations as to what it is about. Ongoing themes in the songs' lyrics, however, strongly suggest that the main character in question suffers from a mental illness resulting in the creation of many different personalities..

1983 Germany

WB Records K 56 043


ALICE COOPER - Greatest Hits    
ALICE COOPER - Hey Stoopid
ALICE COOPER - Hey Stoopid    

Green Warner Bros Records WB 46 121



ALICE COOPER - Killer 1971  

WB 46 121
Alice Cooper - Killer


Killer was the 4th full length album recorded by ALICE COOPER

1971 Germany

ALICE COOPER - Killer    
Warner Bros K 56365
ALICE COOPER - Lace and Whiskey

ALICE COOPER - Lace and Whiskey

"Lace and Whiskey" released in May 1977. After many years of portraying the same dark and sinister persona, Alice decided to try something new. The album showcases Cooper's love for the musicians that recorded music in this vein, Frank Sinatra even went on to sing the smash hit "You and Me", a compliment that Alice still appreciates.

1977 USA
EPIC 476594
ALICE COOPER - The Last Temptation

ALICE COOPER - The Last Temptation

The Last Temptation is a 1994 concept album by rock singer, Alice Cooper. It centred around a boy named Steven (also the name of the protagonist in Cooper's earlier work, Welcome to My Nightmare), and a mysterious showman. The showman, with apparent supernatural abilities, attempted with the use of twisted versions of morality plays to persuade Steven to join his travelling show, "The Theatre Of The Real - The Grand-est Guignol!", where he would "never grow up".

1994 France
MCA Records 255 074
ALICE COOPER - Raise Your Fist and Yell
ALICE COOPER - Raise Your Fist and Yell 1987 EEC
Warner Bros (WB) Records BS 2623
ALICE COOPER - School's Out

ALICE COOPER - School's Out

This album has the original album cover (designed by Craig Braun had the sleeve opening in the manner of an old school desk.

1972 USA
ALICE COOPER - Trash    
Atlantic SD 18130
ALICE COOPER - Welcome to my Nightmare

ALICE COOPER - Welcome to my Nightmare

"Welcome to My Nightmare" is a concept album by ALICE COOPER, released in 1975. This was ALICE COOPER's first solo album (all previous ALICE COOPER releases were band efforts). The cover artwork was created by Drew Struzan. Rolling Stone would later rank it as one of the "Top 100 Album Covers Of All Time".

1975 USA
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