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Black Sabbath - Self-titled 12" Vinyl LP

Album cover photos of : Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Self-titled


 Collector's info:  Gatefold (FOC) cover design. The inner gatefold is a black background color, with text printed in grey/silver.
Music Genre:  Hard Rock Music 
Album:  Produced by Roger Bain for Tuesday Productions for Tony Hall Enterprises. Sound engineers Tom Allom, Barry Sheffield. Photography and cover design Keef
Label:  Vertigo 847.903 847903
Record Format:  12" LP 
Country of Origin  1970 Made in France

Band Members and Musicians on: Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Self-titled

    Black Sabbath Band-members:
  • Tony Iommi
  • Geezer Butler
  • Bill Ward
  • Ossie Osbourne

Track Listing of: Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Self-titled

    Side One:
  1. Black Sabbath
  2. The Wizard
  3. Behind the Wall of Sleep
  4. N.I.B
    Side Two:
  1. Evil Woman, Don't play your games with me
  2. Sleeping Village
  3. Warning
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