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Boomtown Rats - Mondo Bongo Bob Geldof with Mini-Posters

This album includes Six 12" posters of the Boomtown Rats

 In Brief:  Mondo Bongo was the Boomtown Rats 1981 fourth album and included the hit singles: "Banana Republic", which had reached No. 3 in the UK charts in November 1980 and "The Elephant's Graveyard (Guilty)" which made No. 26 in January 1981 
Music Genre:  Punk, New Wave
Trivia:  Produced by Tony Visconti
Album:  Original custom inner sleeve with album details, lyrics . 
Label:  Mercury 6359 042
Format:  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year & Country  1980 Made in West-Germany

Photos of the LP's cover: Boomtown Rats - Mondo Bongo

Photo of Boomtown Rats - Mondo Bongo Album's Front Cover 

Boomtown Rats - Mondo Bongo Bob Geldof with Mini-Posters

Boomtown Rats - Mondo Bongo Bob Geldof with Mini-Posters 

Track Listing of: Boomtown Rats - Mondo Bongo

    Side One:
  1. Mood Mambo
  2. Straight Up
  3. This is my Room
  4. Another Piece of Red
  5. Go Man Go
  6. Under Their Thumb
    Side Two:
  1. Please Don't Go
  2. The Elephants Graveyard
  3. Banana Republic
  4. Fall Down
  5. Hurt Hurts
  6. Whitehall 1212
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