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This is a new section with an index of all persons (musicians, producers, sound engineers, photographers, artwork artists) with contributions in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (inc Black/Death/Speed/Thrash) music from the late 1970's, until early 1990's.

Damien Father - Pontius Prophet - see: João Campos (aka Jean Pierre Camps)

Daniel "Lapin" Lapp, (Bass) - founding member of the French Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band: Sortilège

Darren Cook used the pseudo "D.C. Rage" while playing bass with the Atomkraft band. Darren Cook is the brother of Ged Wolf.

Dave Lombardo (full-name David Vincent Lombardo) - together with Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King founding members of the American Thrash Metal band: "Slayer".

David Parker album cover artwork "ATOMKRAFT - Queen of Death"

D.C. Rage (real name Darren Cook) - Bass on "ATOMKRAFT - Queen of Death"

Dean Davis a sound engineer working together with "Karat Fave" on the albums "Bloodlust - Guilty as Sin" and "Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!"

Didier "Dem" Demajean, (Guitars) - founding member of the French Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band: Sortilège

Dimo Safari hsas been photographing many music artists, performers and bands for their album covers. Some well-known names include: Rush, Kick Axe, Lee Aaron, Triumph, Helix, Billy Idol, Pink Floyd, Jeff Healey Band, Celine Dion, Fates Warning, Rolling Stones and many others.

Dirk Steffens - From the late 1970s and onwards, Dirk Steffens was an active and noted Record Producer in the Germany area, and this is a list of artists and recordings he produced: Accept, Running Wild, Pink Cream 69, Sinner, Zed Yago.

Don Brautigam - Album cover design for the album "AXE - Offering"


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