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This is a new section with an index of all persons (musicians, producers, sound engineers, photographers, artwork artists) with contributions in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (inc Black/Death/Speed/Thrash) music from the late 1970's, until early 1990's.

Jacques Hustinx, - Dutch musician, producer and co-founder of Rave-On Records.Produced first album of the french Heavy Metal band: Sortilège

Jairo Guedes (Lead Guitar) - played with Sepultura from 1985-1987. Jairo has also played in the bands: Guerrilha, The Mist, Overdose, Eminence, Metallica Cover Brazil, The Southern Blacklist.

Jean-Philippe "Bob" Dumont, (Drums) - founding member of the French Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band: Sortilège

Jeff Hanneman (full name) Jeffrey John Hanneman was guitarist with the Slayer Thrash Metal band from 1981-2013.
Jeff Waxman - Producer, Sound mixer, keyboards of the allbum "BlackLace - Unlaced"

João Campos aliases Jean Pierre Camps, John Cyriis - has played in many bands using different aliases:

  • John Cyriis - Agent Steel (1984-1988)
  • John Camps - Sanctuary, Sceptre (1980-1982)
  • John Syriis - Abattoir, Medusa (1983)
  • Father Damien - Pontius Prophet
  • Max Kobol - Malfeitor, Black Reign
  • Max A. Havlock - Stellar Seed
  • Lemegeton
  • Hammer Damage
  • The Wrath
  • Vermin
  • Megadeth

Joachim Peter Schnee, - Photography : "DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill"

Joe Petagno is an American artist known principally for creating images used on rock album covers for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Sweet, Motörhead, Roy Harper, Marduk, Bal-Sagoth, Autopsy, Attick Demons, Illdisposed and Sodom.

Joe Petagno was born in Portland, Maine and left the United States in 1972. He worked with Hipgnosis before meeting Motörhead's Lemmy in 1975,

John Camps, - see: João Campos (aka Jean Pierre Camps)

John Cyriis - see: João Campos (aka Jean Pierre Camps)

John Scarpati a professional photographer whose photography has appeared on hundreds of album and CD covers for bands and individual musicians. In the 1980s he has photographed Heavy Metal bands including: Rigor Mortis, Sound Barrier, Armored Saint, Ruthless, Rush, Wrathchild America, Eden, Bitch, Stryper, Black Sheeo, Rage, Trauma.

John Syriis, - see: João Campos (aka Jean Pierre Camps)

Jos Kloek, a music producer and sound engineer from Belgium has produced and engineer various Heavy Metal bands in the 1980's. Bands he has worked with include: Crossfire, Killer, Dark Wizard, Speedway, Fisc, Axe Victims, E.F. Band, Together, Warhead, KAT, FN Guns.

Juan Garcia, (Guitars) - Founding member of "Abattoir" band.

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