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DESTRUCTION Complete Discography

This web-page has detailed descriptions and background information on Heavy Metal Band: DESTRUCTION and the complete discography of this band



Destruction is a German Speed Metal / Tthrash metal band. They are considered one of the "three kings" of the Teutonic thrash metal scene, the others being Kreator and Sodom. All three of these bands are often credited with helping pioneer death metal, by containing several elements of what was to become the genre. Destruction were originally named "Knight of Demon" but changed their name in 1984.

Destruction complete LP Discography

Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title
Steamhammer SPV 008-76191
Destruction - Cracked Brain
Destruction - Cracked Brain 1990 Germany

SH 0029

Price 43.95€

Destruction - Infernal Overkill

"Infernal Overkill" is the first full length album released by the German Heavy Metal band: Destruction.

1985 Germany

SH 0046

Price 32.95€

Destruction - Eternal Devastation 1986 Germany
Steamhammer SPV 08-7578
DESTRUCTION - Live Without Sense 1989 West Germany
SH 0062
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Destruction - Mad Butcher 1987 Germany
SH 0076
Destruction - Release From Agony ß 1987 Germany

Steamhammer SH 0020


DESTRUCTION - Sentence of Death Blue/White Label 1984 Germany
Steamhammer SH 0020
Sentence of Death (debut album)
Destruction - Sentence of Death (debut album) 1984 Germany
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