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Ganafoul - Full Speed Ahead 12" vinyl LP

Album Summary:  Ganafoul was a French blues-boogie-rock power-trio (Hendrix, Cream, Hot Tuna, Cactus
Music Genre:  Blues & Boogie Rock
Collector's info:  This album "Full Speed Ahead " was Ganafouls' second album 
Album:  Produced by J.C. Pognant
Label:  Crypto ZAL 6466
Format:  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year & Country  1978 Made in France

Album cover photos of : Ganafoul - Full Speed Ahead

Photo of Front Cover 

Ganafoul - Full Speed Ahead

Ganafoul - Full Speed Ahead  

Photo of Record Label 
Ganafoul - Full Speed Ahead 

Band Members and Musicians on: Ganafoul - Full Speed Ahead

    Band: members/musicians
  • Jack Bon
  • Jean-Yves Astier
  • Yves Rotacher

Track Listing of: Ganafoul - Full Speed Ahead

    Side One:
  1. Full Speed Ahead
  2. Nothing More
  3. I'm King Bee
  4. Dealing Your Love
  5. Waiting for the Show
  6. Rock Gutter
  7. King SIze Killer
  8. Trying So Hard
  9. Far From Town
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