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Gary Moore Victims of the Future Promo

Music Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Collector's info:  The top left corner of this album has been stamped as "Promotional Item"
Album:  Production information: Produced by Jeff Glixman
Record Label:  Virgin Records 205 914 (205914)
Record Format: 12" Full-Length Vinyl LP 
Album weight: 220 gram  
Year & Country  1983 Made in EEC

Band Members and Musicians on: Gary Moore Victims of the Future Promo

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Gary Moore - guitar, vocals
  • Ian Paice - drums
  • Neil Carter - keyboards, vocals
  • Bass - Neil Murray, Mo Foster, Bob Daisley
  • Bobby (Prime Time) Chouinard - additional drums

Track Listing of: Gary Moore Victims of the Future Promo

The Song/tracks on "Gary Moore Victims of the Future Promo" are

  • Victims of The Future 6:13
  • Teenage Idol 4:07
  • Shapes of Things 4:14
  • Empty Rooms 6:36
  • Murder in the Skies 7:17
  • All I Want 4:17
  • Hold on to Love 4:27
  • Law of the Jungle 6:15
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