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Album cover photos of : Gravestone Back to Attack

Front cover Photo of Gravestone Back to Attack 
Photo of "Gravestone" Album's Back Cover  
Back Cover Photo Gravestone Back to Attack Vinyl Record Store  
Note: the above pictures are photos of the actual album and allow you to judge the quality of cover. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash. The quality of these images has been reduced in order to preserve network bandwidth, high quality images of these scans can be made available on request
Thumbnail Photo Of Gravestone Back to Attack

Collectors information/Description: 

Old-school German Power Speed Thrash Metal , this record is a must for fans of bands like Helloween, Accept, Edguy, Gamma Ray etc.

Music Genre:  Hard Rock Heavy Metal
Album  Production information: The album: "Gravestone" was produced by: Gravestone and Gama
Record Label:  New Records NW 2305
Record Format 12" Vinyl Stereo Full-Length Long-Play  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 230 gram  
Year & Country  1985 Made in France

Track Listing of: "Gravestone"

The Songs/tracks on "Gravestone" are

    Side One:
  1. Wont Stop Rockin
  2. Love the Night
  3. The Tiger
  4. Suicide
    Side Two:
  1. You are the Sun
  2. Back to Attack
  3. Dirty Tales
  4. Break Out
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