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Heart albums on vinyl discography

Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title
Capitol PJ-12546
Heart - Bad Animals 1987 Canada
Capitol 1A 064-24 0766 ( 064-240766)
Heart - Bad Animals 1987 EEC

Capitol ESTU 2121
Heart - Brigade

Heart - Brigade

The album "Brigade" by the Rock band: "Heart" reached no 3 in the American Billboard 200.


1990 USA

Capitol 064-7 91820

Price 3.99$  

album has been recently added to the catalogueHEART - Brigade

Note that the EEC Pressing of Heart's Brigade LP has a 'colored' Capitol Records Label, while the USA pressing of this album has a Black Label, see photos of the record label further below

Portrait PRT 82075
Heart - Little Queen 1977 Holland

Capitol 1C 064-24 0372 1

HEART - S/T Self-Titled

Heart is the self-titled eigth studio album, but ninth album overall, released by Heart. Released in 1985, the album continued the band's transition into mainstream hard rock.

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