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NEAT Records

NEAT was a A UK based Thrash Metal and NWOBHM record label, which produced bands like Avenger, Atomkraft, Warfare

NEAT Records LP Catalogue

Catalog No Band / Performers Album Title
NEAT 01 Motorway All I wanna be is your romeo
NEAT 02 McKenzie, Janie One and only girl
NEAT 03 Tygers of Pan Tang Don't touch me there
NEAT 04 Fist Name, rank and serial number
NEAT 05 White Spirit Backs to the grind
NEAT 06 Raven Don't need your money
NEAT 07 Aragorn Black ice
NEAT 08 Venom In league with Satan
NEAT 09 Bitches Sin Always ready for love
NEAT 10 Blitzkrieg Buried alive
NEAT 11 Raven Hard ride
NEAT 12 Raw Deal Lone wolf
NEAT 13 Venom Bloodlust
NEAT 14 Steel Rock out
NEAT 15 Raven Crash, bang, wallop
NEAT 16 Jaguar Axe craxy
NEAT 17 Heavy Pettin' Roll the dice
NEAT 18 Dedringer Hot lady
NEAT 19 Crucifixion Take it or leave it
NEAT 20 Warrior Dead when it comes to love
NEAT 21 Fist The wanderer
NEAT 22 Valhalla Comin' home
NEAT 23 Sabre Miracle man
NEAT 24 Persian Risk Ridin' high
NEAT 25    
NEAT 26 Cox, Jess Bridges
NEAT 27 Venom Die hard
NEAT 28 Raven Break the chain
NEAT 29 Raven Born to be wild
NEAT 30 Saracen We have arrived
NEAT 31 Avenger Too wild to tame
NEAT 32 Tobruk Wild on the run
NEAT 33 Tysondog Eat the rich
NEAT 34 Emerson Something special
NEAT 35 Cox, Jess One in a million
NEAT 36 Valhalla Still in love with you
NEAT 37    
NEAT 38 Venom Warhead
NEAT 39 TNT Back on the road
NEAT 40 Glasgow Stranded
NEAT 41 Warfare Noise, filth and fury
NEAT 42 Mammoth Rock night
NEAT 43 Venom Manitou
NEAT 44    
Warfare Two Tribes
NEAT 46    
NEAT 47 Venom Nightmare
NEAT 48    
NEAT 49    
NEAT 50 She Never surrender
NEAT 51    
NEAT 52 Statetrooper She got the look
NEAT 53    
NEAT 54    
NEAT 55    
NEAT 56 Tysondog Schools out
NEAT 57 Shotgun Brides Restless
NEAT 58 Warfare Addicted to love
NEATP 29 Raven Born to be wild
NEATP 43 Venom Manitou
NEATS 43 Venom Manitou
NEATS 47 Venom Nightmare
NEAT 15-12 Raven Crash, bang, wallop
NEAT 25-12 Various One take no dubs
NEAT 27-12 Venom Die hard
NEAT 29-12 Raven Born to be wild
NEAT 37-12 Crucifixion Green eyes
NEAT 38-12 Venom Warhead
NEAT 43-12 Venom Manitou
NEAT 44-12 Lonewolf Nobodys move
NEAT 45-12 Warfare Two tribes
NEAT 46-12 Tysondog Shoot to kill
NEAT 47-12 Venom Nightmare
NEAT 48-12 Blackrose Nightmare
NEAT 49-12 Warfare Total death
NEAT 50-12 She Never surrender
NEAT 52-12 Statetrooper She got the look
NEAT 53-12 Venom Hell at Hammersmith, live '85
NEAT 55-12
Atomkraft Queen of death
NEAT 56-12 Tysondog Schools out
NEAT 60-12 Mantas Deceiver
NEATP 47-12 Venom Nightmare
NEAT 1001 Raven Rock until you drop
NEAT 1002 Venom Welcome to hell
NEAT 1003 Fist Back with a vengeance

NEAT 1004

Raven Wiped out
NEAT 1005 Venom Black metal
NEAT 1006 Hellanbach Now here this
NEAT 1007 Jaguar Power games
NEAT 1008 Geordie No sweat
NEAT 1009 Dedringer Second srising
NEAT 1010 Jess Cox Band Third step

NEAT 1011

Raven All for one
NEAT 1012 Satan Court in the act
NEAT 1013 Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof
NEAT 1014 Various Metal battle
NEAT 1015 Venom At war with Satan
NEAT 1016 Saracen Change of heart
NEAT 1017 Tysondog Beware of the dog
NEAT 1018 Avenger Blood sports
NEAT 1019 Hellanbach The big H
NEAT 1020 Raven Live at the Inferno
NEAT 1021 Warfare Pure filth
NEAT 1022 Phasslayne Cut it up
NEAT 1023 Blitzkrieg A time of changes
NEAT 1024 Venom Possessed
NEAT 1025 Axewitch Visions of the past
NEAT 1026
Avenger Killer elite
NEAT 1027 Wishbone Ash Raw to the bone
NEAT 1028 Atomkraft Future warriors
NEAT 1029 Warfare Metal anarchy
NEAT 1030
Artillery Fear of tomorrow
NEAT 1031 Tysondog Crimes of insanity
NEAT 1032 Venom Eine kliene nachtmusik
NEAT 1033 Various Powertrax
NEAT 1034
Walk it how you talk it
Black Rose Walk it how you talk it
NEAT 1035 Deaf Dealer Keeper of the flame
NEAT 1036
War Machine Unknown soldier
NEAT 1037 Tygers of Pan Tang First kill
NEAT 1038 Artillery Terror squad
NEAT 1039 Peer Gunt Back seat
NEAT 1040 Warfare Mayhem, fucking mayhem
NEAT 1041 Atomkraft Conductors of noise
NEAT 1042 Mantas Winds of change
NEAT 1043 Slutt Model youth
NEAT 1044 Warfare Conflict of hatred
NEAT 1045 Shotgun Brides Nothin' ventured
NEAT 1046 Artillery Artillery 3
NEAT 1047 Decimator Carnage city state mosh patrol
NEAT 1048 Cronos Dancing in the fire
NEATC 1000 Various Leadweight
NEATC 2001 Various 60 minutes plus
NEAT 1000 Various Lead weight
NEATP 1001 Raven Rock until you drop
NEATP 1002 Venom Welcome to hell
NEATP 1005 Venom Black metal
NEATP 1015 Venom At war with Satan
NEATP 1024 Venom Possessed
NEAT 1002 Venom Welcome to hell
NEAT 1003 Fist Back with a vengeance
NEAT 1005 Venom Black metal
NEAT 1024 Venom Possessed
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