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Malice License to Kill 12" vinyl LP

Music Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Music
Album  Production information: Produced by Max Norman, for On Yer Bike Ltd
Record Label:  Atlantic 781 714
LC 0121
Record Format 12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year & Country  1987 Made in Germany

Album cover photos of : Malice License to Kill

Photo of Front Cover 
Malice License to Kill 12" vinyl LP 
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
Malice License to Kill 12" vinyl LP  
Photo of Record Label 
Malice License to Kill 12" vinyl LP  
Note: the above pictures are actual photos of the album and allow you to judge the quality of cover. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash. The quality of these images has been reduced in order to preserve network bandwidth, high quality images of these scans can be made available on request

Band Members and Musicians on: Malice License to Kill

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • James Neal
  • Jay Reynolds
  • Mick Zane
  • Mark Behn
  • Clifford Carothers

Track Listing of: Malice License to Kill

    The Song/tracks on "License to Kill" are:
  • Sinister Double
  • License To Kill
  • Against The Empire
  • Vigilante
  • Chain Gang Woman
  • Christine
  • Murder
  • Breathin' Down Your Neck
  • Circle Of Fire
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