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Parish Hall - self-titled 12" vinyl LP

Music Genre:  Rock
Collector's info:  Very hard to find record
Album:  Produced by Ray Shanklin
Label:  America Records AM 6041 / Fantasy Records
Format:  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
 Country  Made in France

Album cover photos of : Parish Hall - self-titled

Photo of Front Cover 
Parish Hall - self-titled 12" vinyl LP 
Photo of the band: Parish Hall

Parish Hall - self-titled 12" vinyl LP

Parish Hall - self-titled 12" vinyl LP  

Band Members and Musicians on: Parish Hall - self-titled

    Band: Parish Hall
  • Gary Wagner
  • John Haden
  • Steve Adams

Track Listing of: Parish Hall - self-titled

    Side One:
  1. My Eyes Are Getting Heavy
  2. Dynaflow
  3. Ain't Feeling Too Bad
  4. Silver Ghost
  5. Skid Row Runner
    Side Two:
  1. Lucanna
  2. We're Gonna Burn Together
  3. Somebody got the blues
  4. How Can You Win
  5. Take Me With You When You Go
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