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Princess Pang Self-titled 12" Vinyl LP

Album Summary:   
Music Genre:  Metal, Hard Rock,
Trivia:  Produced by Ron St Germain, Biran Slagel, Michael Faley, Recorded at Media Sound Studios. Engineer: Wershba, cover concept and design: Foster, Kloster and Keats. Photography: Doris Kloster,
Album:  Original custom inner sleeve with album details, lyrics and photos. 
Label:  Roadrace RO 9471 Roadrunner / Metal Blade Records
Format:  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year & Country  1989 Made in Holland

Photos of the LP's cover: Princess Pang Self-titled

Photo of Princess Pang Self-titled Album's Front Cover 


Band Members and Musicians on: Princess Pang Self-titled

Track Listing of: Princess Pang Self-titled

    Side One:
  1. Trouble in Paradise
  2. Find my heart a home
  3. South St Kids
  4. No Reason to cry
  5. Sympathy
    Side Two:
  1. Scream and shout
  2. China Doll
  3. Baby Blue
  4. Too Much Too Soon
  5. Any way you want me
  6. I'm not Playing
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