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The Scorpions In Trance uncensored breast cover

The original version of the album cover clearly showing the cover model's bare breast hanging down towards the guitar.

Album cover photos of : The Scorpions In Trance

Photo of Album's Back Cover  
Thumbnail Photo Of The Scorpions In Trance
Collector's info: 

The album cover shows a woman smashing a guitar, with one of her breasts exposed. The album cover gained controversy and has since been changed so that the breast is covered up.

In Trance is a 1976 album by German hard rock band Scorpions. The original version of the album cover clearly showed the cover model's bare breast hanging down towards the guitar.

Later releases have the breast blacked out so that it is not visible. This is the first of many Scorpions album covers that have been censored.

Music Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Music 
Album details 

The album: "SCORPIONS - In Trance Uncensored Album cover" was produced by: Dieter Dirks

This album was recorded at: Dierks-Studios

Album cover design: CoDesign/Dirichs

Album cover photography: Michael van Gimbut

Record Label:  RCA Victor PPL 1-4128 (26.21 575)
Record Format:  12" LP  
Year & Country  1975 Made in Germany

Band Members and Musicians on: The Scorpions In Trance

    The Scorpions Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Klaus Meine - Lead Vocals
  • Ulrich Roth - Lead Guitars, Vocals
  • Rudolf Schenker - Guitars
  • Francis Buchholz - Bass
  • Rudy Lenners - Drums

Track Listing of: The Scorpions In Trance

  1. Dark Lady 3:25 (U. Roth)
  2. In Trance 4:42 (R. Schenker/K. Meine)
  3. Life's Like a River 3:50 (U. Roth/R. Schenker/C. Fortmann)
  4. Top of the Bill 3:22 (R. Schenker/K. Meine)
  5. Living & Dying 3:18 (R. Schenker/K. Meine)
  6. Robot Man 2:42 (R. Schenker/K. Meine)
  7. Evening Wind 5:02 (U. Roth)
  8. Sun in My Hand 4:20 (U. Roth)
  9. Longing for Fire 2:42 (R. Schenker/U. Roth)
  10. Night Lights 3:14 (U. Roth)
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