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Ultra Rare


Collectors information/Description: 

Ultra Rare French Black / Death Metal

Music Genre:  French Alternative Rock
Production Information:

This album was produced by: Toutes Directions.

Co-producer: Phil Plumley

Sound/recording engineer: Phil Plumley

Mixed by: D.S. Burkley, Phil Lumley, Rick Cunha

Recorded at Rainbow Garage, Van Nuys, California.

Photography: Richard Richarte

Artwork: Elisabeth Herbepin

Design: Elisabeth Herbepin, D.S. Burkley, Franck Denuel

Record Label:  Ozone Orchard TD 1234
Packaging Format: Jewelcase CD
Year & Country  Made in France

Album cover photos of : TOUTES DIRECTIONS - Un Autre Regard

Photo of album's Front "TOUTES DIRECTIONS - Un Autre Regard"
 Photo of "TOUTES DIRECTIONS - Un Autre Regard" Album

Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: TOUTES DIRECTIONS - Un Autre Regard

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Catherine Imbault - Vocals
  • Elisabeth Herbepin - Vocals
  • Jean-Christophe Conterio - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
  • D. Shawn Burkley - Guitar, Vocals, Harminica, Bass, Keyboards, Bouzouki, Percussion
    Guest Musicians and Performers
  • Jonathan Delachaux - Sitar, Clarinettes, Saxophone
  • Anne-Christine Rordorf - Violin
  • Stephane Pirolet - Drums
  • Vladimir Velitchko - Accordon
  • Mao Plumley - Acoustic guitar, Slide Guitar
  • Gaston Hinastroza - Organ


Track Listing of: "TOUTES DIRECTIONS - Un Autre Regard"

The Songs/tracks on "TOUTES DIRECTIONS - Un Autre Regard" are

  1. Le Mystere du Bonheur
  2. Chants d'Enfants
  3. La Riviere Noure
  4. Vents de Colere
  5. Un Autre Regard
  6. Ze Derniere Chance
  7. Je Te Manquerai
  8. Mineur
  9. Gardiens


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