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Price 47.95€

CACTUS - S/T Self-Titled Japan 1970 Japan

ATCO 40 216

CACTUS - One Way or Another France  This French pressing has a completely different album cover

Price 39.95€


CACTUS - One Way or Another France

This French pressing has a completely different album cover


White Spoon Records Spoon 004 / 66.22.237-01

Price 59.95€

CAN - Monster Movie

Monster Movie is the debut album by the German krautrock band Can, recorded and released in 1969. After the release of their first two singles in 1968, Can produced an album that was to be their full-length debut, entitled Prepared to Meet Thy Pnoom, but no record company was willing to release it. Monster Movie was Can's attempt to make a more accessible record for commercial release.

Germany Germany


Price 13.45$



CHARGE 69 - Vos Lois Ne Sont Pas Nos Regles

is the third studio album of the FrenchPunk Rock band Charge 69


Carrere ATV Northern Productions 67907

Price 16.95€

CHURCH The Blurred Crusade

"The Blurred Crusade" is the second album by Australian group The Church which was released in March 1982 by EMI / Parlophone. It shows a change of direction from the new-wave leanings of the band's debut. The album peaked at No. 10 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart and "Almost with You" reached No. 21 on the related Singles Chart.

1982 France

Black Dragon Records BD 016 yPartx 92 195

Price 13.95€

CJSS - Praise The Loud

is David Chastain's second album with CJSS

1986 France


Price 17.95€


CONFLICT Ungovernable Force

This album is considered by many in the punk rock community to be the band's most coherent and complete representation of their politics and aesthetic, it has become an enduring classic in anarchist punk music culture.

2002 Italy

SteamHammer SH 0024

Crack Jaw

Price 14.95€


CRACK JAW - Nightout

Crack Jaw was a heavy metal band from Germany, "Nightout" was the only full length official album they produced


Polydor 2383 119

CREAM Live Cream II Polydor 12" LP ALBUM VINYL

Price 12.95€

CREAM - Live Cream II 1971 Germany

Metal Blade Records 72492

Price 14.95€


CRISIS PARTY - Rude Awakening

This is the one and only album release by the rock band "Crisis Party"



original USA vinyl pressing

Beck's Records BR 001

Price 29.95€

CRO-MAGS - We Gotta Know Unofficial 1986  
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