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Vinyl LP discographies of bands and performes starting with the lettte: "Z"


Bands and performers starting with: Z

Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title
RCA Victor PL 37148

ZOUC - Zouc 78 Swiss French Comedy

Isabelle von Allmen (born April 29, 1950 in Saignelégier, Canton of Jura, Switzerland), better known by the stage name Zouc, is a Swiss actor / comedian.

The detailed tracklist of this record "ZOUC - Zouc 78 Swiss French Comedy" is:

    Side One:
  1. La Fourmi
  2. La Lettre d'anniversaire
  3. Le Paddock
  4. Les Vacances
  5. L'Exposition
    Side Two:
  1. La Grand Mere
  2. Noel a l'Hospice
  3. Le Diner chez les Psychoanalystes


1977 France
Malaco Records / Bellaphon 260-07-065

Z.Z. Hill - I'm a Blues Man

Z.Z. Hill was born as "Arzell Hil" onl 30 Sep 1935.

The album "I'm a Blues Man" waa produced by Tommy Couch and Wolf Stephenson  . Album cover photography by  Photography Peter Damroth

Performers on "I'm Blues Man" are:

    Z.Z. Hill Band-members:
  • Dino Zimmerman
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • Vasti Jackson
  • James Robertson
  • Ray Griffin
  • Carson Whitsett
  • Glen Holmes
  • Carl Marsh

Tracklisting of this album

    Side One:
  1. I'm a Blues Man
  2. Three into Two Won't Go
  3. Cheatin' Love
  4. Shade Three Mechanic
  5. It's Been So Long
    Side Two:
  1. Get a Little, Give A Little
  2. Please Don't Let Our Good Thing End
  3. Steal Away
  4. Blind Side
  5. I Ain't Buying What You're Selling




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